3D Systems Launches New ZPrinter 850


3D Systems Corporation has announced the immediate availability of its new ZPrinter 850, the largest format ZPrinter.

With double the print volume of the its best selling ZPrinter 650 and the same colour printability, the ZPrinter 850 is the only high speed, large format printer for professionals, says the company.

“This is just what we’ve been looking for,” said Wesley Wright, a designer at the Pelli Clarke Pelli international architecture firm. “The larger print format provides the flexibility to work in standard scales, see greater detail and increase our overall capacity. The ZPrinter 850 will be great for business.”

“We’re ZPrinting footwear designs nonstop, and the additional capacity will help us better meet the demand of our R&D teams,” said Dave Schwirian, model shop/RP manager for Nike. “The ZPrinter 850 could also open up new uses for sporting equipment where we really need larger, colourful prototypes. I’m certain we’ll see a huge demand for this new in-house capability.”

No pricing is yet forthcoming from the company. The system will reportedly be displayed at the RAPID 2012 event in Atlanta next month.